Creating growth and value for your customers.

All businesses have to find the right tools to engage with its desired customers/users, and for those looking for a magic bullet or tech widget that works for every company every time can stop the search – sorry there is no such magic.

However, there are few smart levers that need to be pulled no matter what the scale or turnover – being innovative or disruptive is not the complete answer. Marketing and maintaining customer/user growth are vital success ingredients.

Here are 3 simple strategic steps to implement to ensure a good foundation for growth.

  1. Don’t rely solely on digital – research your top ten customers and investigate their habits for information gathering – a direct mail piece can cut through the clutter and be a front of mind on desk device.
  2. Look for niche digital mediums – Your customers have lives too outside of work – sporting groups and school functions occupy a lot of weekend time – clubs and schools have their own digital portals that usually need sponsorship and advertisement revenue to keep them viable.
  3. Automate the dreary stuff – every time someone makes a significant purchase on your ecommerce store, automate a “thank you postcard” system that makes a special offer – saying thank you is good manners.

Beware the Ransomware Google and Your “not so secure” Site(s) in Chrome browser.

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